5 Reasons to go to the car wash today

“How often do I need to go to the car wash?” “Why should I wash my car?” “What are the benefits of getting my car washed?” – These are some of the most common questions around carwashing for consumers. Below, we’re sharing 5 of the biggest reasons why it’s worth hitting the car wash regularly.

Protect your car’s paint job

It’s important to avoid damage from contaminants like mud, dirt, pollen, tree sap all damage the great looking finish and paint on your vehicle. Also, in the winter time with inclement weather, road salt can eat at areas of your car you can’t see.

Improve driver safety

When you drive, it’s important for your windows, mirrors, and even tires to be clear of debris. Have confidence that your windshield, rear view mirror, side mirrors and tires are clean and safe as you drive.

Get better fuel efficiency

The dirt on your car creates drag which cashes your car to burn more fuel. Who doesn’t love Mythbusters? They completely a study on if the same car was driven in multiple test runs would perform with better mpg than a dirty car. The results? They did 10 runs down a 1 mile track, 5 with the dirty car and then 5 clean the same, cleaned car. The dirty car did worse than the clean car, getting 24mpg. The clean car got 26. BUSTED!

Maintain your car’s value

Whether you bought a car and are planning on selling it later on or trading it in or you are leasing a new vehicle, it pays to maintain your car’s value as much as you can. Even if you plan to do this months or years in the future, there are things you can do today to keep the value. Preventing rust, scratches, and dull paint are just a few issues that take away from the look of your car.

Something to take pride in!

Studies show that American drivers spend up to nearly 8.5 hours a week in their cars! Given that, we might as well enjoy our surroundings.

Washing your car weekly or biweekly is a small investment that can pay off in the long term for all the reasons stated above. Plus, it’s fun to shine!