Expand Your Customer Base

Car wash owners who are partnering with us are opening their doors to an ever growing customer base. Experience increased profits at no cost to you.

Our Network

We are a car wash membership platform that leverages technology and our scaled network to connect users with car wash operators.

Quick to get up & running

Rynse integrates with all major POS technologies to seamlessly recognize Rynse customers.

We also have a one-touch mobile app that allows attendants to instantly scan customer license plates and verify members.

Increase revenue

No cost to sign up to be a part of the Rynse network.

Rynse charges its car wash users, so we don’t have to charge you.

If a Rynse member goes through your car wash in a given month, you receive a cut of the member’s monthly membership cost.

Enjoy perks of the network

Leverage our marketing strategy and spend to grow your business

We focus on the customer promotions, digital marketing, website listings so you can focus on your on-site operations.

Enjoy network perks like discounts on chemicals through our partnerships

What Car Wash Owners Are Saying

"With Rynse, I've been extremely pleased with the additional members they have been able to bring through to my wash beyond the marketing we do on-site and digitally. They are great partners in helping me grow my business and finding new demand without getting in the way."

Chris Caparole
Sud’s Factory

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