How Your Rynse Membership Works

Car experts recommend that you wash your car at least once every two weeks, although this advice is rarely adhered to. It can be hard to get this done, though, when your life is so busy and car washes are expensive. Did you know there was another way?

There is and it is brand new! It’s called Rynse and it’s an unlimited car wash club. This article is to help you understand what a Rynse membership is and what it can offer you. So, check below for all the benefits.

What is Rynse?

Rynse is a new unlimited car wash club that ties together memberships at multiple, different car washes in one area. Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps: sign up, drive up, leave in a sparkling clean ride and share with your friends!

Signing up for Rynse takes under 2 minutes and can be done right on your phone. Simply hit any sign up button on and create your profile. Once you include your vehicle’s details (make, model, tags), you are good-to-go. Search for the closest car wash to you on the Rynse website and head on over. You’ll be in the fast lane because technology will automatically recognize your shared car info and let you through. Next, the fun part! You enter the car wash tunnel and before you know it, you come out the other side with your vehicle is spotless.

How Much Does Rynse Cost?

A Rynse membership is just $19.99 per month. Meaning, that if on average you go a minimum of 2x in a month, your membership is already a better value than paying-as-you-go. You also get a premium wash offering with the Rynse pass vs. the basic package or lowest tier wash offering.

When you sign up with Rynse, you get these benefits:

  • Convenience: Access to car washes at any of our locations
  • Top tier partners: We vet all of our partnering car washes
  • Money and time-saving: Get the most value with your Rynse membership
  • Contactless and effortless: A smooth customer experience and a clean ride
  • Top-notch wash services and products

One of the many benefits of a Rynse membership is that you remain in the driver’s seat always! You are not locked into a long-term contract and you can cancel anytime with no obligations.

When Can I Wash My Car?

When heading to get your car washed, you don’t have to worry about when the last time you accessed that service was. You can wash your car as often as you want.

If you are a regular off-road driver, come on into a Rynse car wash after every journey to keep your vehicle fresh. Or, save time once a month by using our service instead of getting out the bucket and sponge to do it yourself.

Or if you just take a lot of pride in your car and like to keep things clean and nice, Rynse is for you. A ton of people spend much of their weeks in the car whether it’s commuting to work or running errands.

If this is you, Rynse is a great solution to staying squeaky clean.

We include everything in your monthly membership, so your customer experience is streamlined, effortless, and automated.

How Does the Car Wash Work?

After signing up and paying for the membership, you only need to drive up to one of the Rynse locations. They will have a dedicated express line for Rynse customers. Here, the car wash tunnel scans your number plate and matches it with our records to allow you entry.

After confirming that it is your car, the Rynse car wash will clean your vehicle and give it an A+ wash. Then, you can exit the wash with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Time For a Rynse

Right now, your Rynse Membership will allow you into all of the car washes on the network. To launch, we started with building the Rynse network across Philadelphia and its surrounding area. Although, our services are expanding all the time. More locations are opening up all the time to help you get on with your day with the least amount of hassle.

For more information on when and where we are expanding and how our service can best serve you. If that is the case, check out our site and sign up for Rynse today.