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6 Reasons to get your fleet vehicles on an unlimited wash program

Have you ever thought to yourself it would be nice to take care of all your company’s vehicles in one easy and efficient way? Below are just a few reasons why it may make sense to consider a fleet wash program for you.

1. Protect your company’s assets

Dirt, acids, bird droppings, insect and animal remains, miscellaneous gunk, road salts (especially during the winter) and other contaminants contribute to premature wear on dozens of vehicle parts, along with wear on the exterior finish, if not addressed properly. Luckily, regularly washing your vehicles can reduce or minimize easily avoidable repairs for fleet operators, saving owners thousands of dollars in repair costs not to mention the headache from part of their fleet being out of commission during those repairs.

2. Maintain a strong brand image

Now more than ever, with consumers often consulting reviews from peers before making purchase decisions, making a positive first impression really counts. Showing up to a job (or simply driving around) in a dirty vehicle can impact customer’s opinions and even worse, negatively impact customer reviews. Showing up in a clean car, on time, and attentive are simple ways to make the right first impression. By doing so, this immediately gives the customer the sense that your business and your crew is organized and professional and more importantly, that they care about customer satisfaction.

3. Get more out of your gas mileage

Believe it or not, having a dirty car can actually reduce your vehicle’s efficiency by several miles, ultimately costing your business money! Everyone’s favorite “debunkers”, MythBusters, concluded that in their tests, dirty cars were 2+ MPG more efficient when clean! It might sound like common sense, but a clean car is more aerodynamic and will save you money on gas. The more your fleet drives, the more you save!

4. Avoid billing headaches and hassles

Many fleets offer reimbursement programs where employees get their company car washed, pay for the use, bring the receipt back, and get paid back by the owners. Doing this several times for several cars is not only cost ineffective (see point #5 below) but a massive logistics and billing headache! Owners shouldn’t have to focus on the who, when, where, and how much of keeping their cars cleaned… by joining a fleet program, all of the billing is consolidated in one place for one flat fee which eliminates unnecessary work for the owner and the employee while also getting rid of month-to-month cost volatility.

5. Convenience and efficiency for your crew on the road

We understand the nature of your business. Your crew goes from job to job across a few towns in one area. In short, when work is busy, your crew is all around a given region in different locations. With Rynse you get access to an entire network of car washes vs. being locked into one location, maximizing flexibility and providing convenient locations everywhere while your fleet is out in the field.

6. Last but certainly not least: SAVE MONEY!

Buying individual washes is simply more expensive than joining a subscription network. Subscription packages and fleet programs are priced to attract your business and hover around 2-3 uses to breakeven vs. buying individual washes. A Rynse pass for example would be cheaper for anyone washing their vehicles more than once a month!

So there you have it: 5 reasons why a fleet subscription pass might make sense for you and your business!

If you’d like to learn more, email us at and we can work with you to find a plan that makes sense for your fleet.