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The Top Car Wash Myths We’re Debunking in 2024

When it comes to taking care of your car and keeping it clean, we are passionate about both the results you get from a quality wash and the overall experience you have during the process.

We’ll start off by saying that we know there are car enthusiasts and car lovers out there who would only consider a weekly hand wash and wax for their beloved vehicles. We completely understand! But realistically, for most of us, having the time to do a quality manual hand wash and wax each week is hard to find. And if there is one thing about car care that everyone can agree on no matter how you get it done, it’s this: your car will retain more of it’s value and perform longer if it’s well-maintained and regularly washed. Below are just a few of the common myths we have heard. We want to educate consumers with the latest and greatest information and set the record straight!

Myth #1 – “Commercial car washes will scratch my car’s paint job”

Truth: An old misconception is that professional, commercial car washes – especially drive-thru car washes – are more likely to damage your car’s exterior finish.This is far from the truth! Drive-thru car washes have come a long way in the last few decades and are among the best car washing options out there. A properly maintained, state-of-the-art commercial car wash uses high quality soft cloth or foam brushes to apply the cleaning detergents and shine agents for a gentle touch you can count on. So how do you know which car washes are using updated technology? When selecting your next car wash location, be cautious of locations that use older equipment (for example, an older location that hasn’t been updated may use abrasive brushes that could potentially scratch vehicles) and make sure to head over to a state-of-the-art wash where equipment is maintained and checked often and you and your car will thank you later. Rynse takes the guesswork out of selecting a great car wash near you. We carefully vet all of our partners and only work with top tier partners.

Myth #2 – “Commercial car washes waste water and aren’t environmentally friendly.”

Truth: Washing a car at home by hand can use up to 9x more water than a commercial express wash. Keep in mind, your garden hose doesn’t have the same pressure as a car wash. Fun Fact: Most garden hoses put out 10 gallons of water per minute. So that means even a super quick car wash in your driveway could use 50-100 gallons of water. Taking it a step further, many of the top commercial car washes have adopted the best practice of reclaiming, purifying, and reusing ¾ of the water they use. How? Some washes have innovative reverse osmosis systems in place while others treat their water with a local wastewater treatment plant but both options work to create a much greener washing experience. So in summary you’re getting a faster, quality wash that also helps the environment… sounds good to us!

Myth #3 – “Pay for a Wash? The Rain Washes My Car”

Truth: While leaving your car in the hands of nature and a rainy forecast for a “free car wash” can help with some of the easy to rinse dirt off,getting a truly clean car is unfortunately not that easy (and trust us we wish it was). Dust and maybe even some bird droppings could come off during your next watery drive, but in reality it may actually be counterproductive. Rainwater is rarely clean water (especially in our cities and areas with a good amount of pollution and smog), and once it hits the road is typically mud or permeated with chemicals (and everything else on our roads). Additionally, keep in mind that rainwater is an intermittent factor – meaning it comes and goes at different times of the year. Express car washes are the easiest way to keep your car clean on a regular basis all throughout the year.

Myth #4 – “There’s no difference between the car wash services or packages.”

Truth: Don’t get us wrong, a basic wash on a regular basis is massively better than no wash, but all washes are not created equal. When you go for a higher level wash, you will see variation in the chemicals and detergents used and where those are applied. For example, a key variation between many packages is if wheel cleaning and underbody wash is included. It’s especially important to keep this in mind in the winter season when salt and other chemicals are constantly sticking to the bottom of your car. With most top wash packages, you get the best wax and tire shine on top of everything else. You also may get ceramic coating for extra protection.

There you have it, everyone! The express exterior car washes Rynse has partnered with offer high quality, effortless, and convenient results for your regular car care regimen! No matter what you drive, or where you are going next, it always feels better if it’s fresh and clean.